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Lauderdale County Cemeteries









Andrews Chapel Cemetery* Daleville   32.50 -88.68 View Map
Anna York Cemetery Tamola   32.55 -88.44 View Map
Antioch Cemetery* Whynot   32.26 -88.46 View Map
Arkadelphia Cemetery* Daleville   32.55 -88.74 View Map
Barker Cemetery* Meridian North   32.44 -88.66 View Map
Barker Cemetery* Meridian North   32.44 -88.66 View Map
Barrett Cemetery* Lauderdale   32.54 -88.54 View Map
Beeson (Beason) Cemetery*
(aka Vaughn Cemetery)
  32.44 -88.83 View Map
Beth Israel Cemetery* Meridian North   32.38 -88.68 View Map
Bethel Cemetery* Collinsville   32.40 -88.78 View Map
Bethel Cemetery* Kewanee   32.45 -88.46 View Map
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery* Whynot       Coordinates not available
Burwell Cemetery Meehan   32.34 -88.78 View Map
Captain Brown's Family Cemetery* Meridian       Coordinates not available
Carmel Cemetery* Vimville       Coordinates not available
Cedar Grove Cemetery* Collinsville   32.48 -88.84 View Map
Center Ridge Cemetery* Tamola   32.56 -88.42 View Map
Chunkyville Cemetery* Chunky       Coordinates not available
John W. Clayton Cemetery* Lockhart   32.52 -88.59 View Map
Cocke Cemetery* Lizelia       Coordinates not available
Coker Chapel Cemetery* Vimville   32.33 -88.57 View Map
Cole-Love Cemetery* Lizelia       Coordinates not available
Collinsville Cemetery Collinsville   32.50 -88.84 View Map
Collinsville Church Cemetery Collinsville   32.50 -88.83 View Map
Concord Methodist Cemetery* Stonewall   32.24 -88.87 View Map
Confederate Cemetery* Meridian North   32.43 -88.66 View Map
Daleville Cemetery* Daleville   32.54 -88.66 View Map
Daleville Cemetery* Daleville   32.57 -88.68 View Map
Eakins Family Cemetery* Lauderdale       Coordinates not available
Eakins-Payne Cemetery* Lauderdale       Coordinates not available
Elias Moore Cemetery* Lauderdale       Coordinates not available
Fairchild Cemetery Meehan   32.36 -88.78 View Map
Fellowship Cemetery* Center Hill List 32.51 -88.75 View Map
First Ebenezer Cemetery* Causeyville       Coordinates not available
Fischer Cemetery* Zero       Coordinates not available
Fisher Cemetery* (Alt spelling?) Zero       Coordinates not available
Forest Lawn Garden Meridian North   32.45 -88.67 View Map
Good Hope Cemetery Toomsuba   32.43 -88.59 View Map
Goodwater Cemetery* Meehan   32.30 -88.85 View Map
Gordon Cemetery Collinsville   32.38 -88.80 View Map
Gordon Cemetery Lauderdale   32.55 -88.51 View Map
Graham Cemetery* Meridian South   32.30 -88.74 View Map
Gum Log Cemetery* Meridian North   32.50 -88.73 View Map
Hagwood Hooe Site Cemetery Causeyville       Coordinates not available
Hamrick Cemetery* Collinsville   32.50 -88.83 View Map
Harper Cemetery* Meridian South       Coordinates not available
Hays Cemetery* Snell (Causeyville)   32.24 -88.59 View Map
Hearn Cemetery Toomsuba   32.44 -88.54 View Map
Hickory Grove Cemetery* Daleville   32.54 -88.63 View Map
Hunter Cemetery Whynot       Coordinates not available
Jones Chapel Cemetery Meridian South List 32.27 88.71 View Map
Kelly Cemetery Kewanee   32.42 -88.48 View Map
Kewanee Cemetery* Kewanee       Coordinates not available
Kinard Cemetery Meridian North   32.46 -88.65 View Map
Lad Cemetery Collinsville   32.41 -88.79 View Map
Lauderdale Cemetery* Lauderdale   32.51 -88.49 View Map
Lauderdale Springs Cemetery*
<Click for More!>
Lauderdale   32.51 -88.49 View Map
Liberty Baptist Cemetery Toomsuba       Coordinates not available
Lockhart Methodist Cemetery* Lockhart   32.49 -88.58 View Map
Long Creek Cemetery* Vimville   32.31 -88.62 View Map
Macedonia Cemetery* Suqualena       Coordinates not available
Magnolia Cemetery Meridian North List 32.39 -88.70 View Map
McDonald Cemetery* Meridian South       Coordinates not available
McElroy's Trailer Park Cemetery* Lauderdale County       Coordinates not available
McLemore Cemetery* Meridian South   32.37 -88.69 View Map
Meehan Cemetery Meehan   32.33 88.87 View Map
McMurry Cemetery* Whynot   32.35 -88.47 View Map
Miller Cemetery* Lockhart   32.49 -88.58 View Map
John L. Moore Cemetery* Lauderdale   32.52 -88.61 View Map
Mount Carmel Cemetery* Vimville   32.34 -88.59 View Map
Mount Carmel Cemetery Daleville   32.54 -88.72 View Map
Mount Carmel Presbyterian Cemetery* Lauderdale       Coordinates not available
Mount Horeb Cemetery* Meridian South   32.28 -88.66 View Map
Nelson Moore Cemetery* Lauderdale       Coordinates not available
New Hope Cemetery* Sable List 32.24 -88.70 View Map
Oak Grove Cemetery* Sable   32.23 -88.73 View Map
Oak Grove Cemetery* Meridian North   32.43 -88.74 View Map
Oak Grove Cemetery Meridian South List 32.37 -88.66 View Map
Ohel Jacob Cemetery* Meridian       Coordinates not available
Old Cemetery (End of 35th Avenue) Meridian       Coordinates not available
Old Alamucha Cemetery* Whynot       Coordinates not available
Old Marion Cemetery* Toomsuba   32.41 -88.62 View Map
Osborne Cemetery Meehan   32.28 -88.81 View Map
Pack Cemetery Kewanee   32.47 -88.43 View Map
Parker Cemetery Toomsuba   32.47 -88.54 View Map
Payne Cemetery Kewanee   32.48 -88.43 View Map
Perkins Cemetery* Lockhart       Coordinates not available
Pigford Cemetery* Toomsuba   32.40 -88.52 View Map
Pine Forest Cemetery* Center Hill   32.53 -88.82 View Map
Pine Grove Cemetery* Meridian South   32.27 -88.68 View Map
Pine Grove Cemetery Center Hill   32.57 -88.85 View Map
Pine Springs Cemetery* Collinsville   32.47 -88.77 View Map
Pleasant Grove Cemetery* Vimville   32.37 -88.58 View Map
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery* Post   32.52 -88.88 View Map
Rawson Cemetery* Toomsuba List 32.39 -88.54 View Map
Reed's Chapel Methodist Cemetery* Lauderdale County       Coordinates not available
Rose Hill Cemetery* Meridian South   32.36 -88.72 View Map
Sageville Cemetery* Meehan List 32.31 -88.77 View Map
Saint Luke Cemetery Meridian North   32.39 -88.69 View Map
Saint Marks Cemetery Chunky   32.30 -88.91 View Map
Saint Patricks Cemetery Meridian South   32.37 -88.72 View Map
Salem Cemetery* Kewanee   32.38 -88.43 View Map
Samuel Dale Cemetery Daleville   32.55 -88.70 View Map
Second Ebenezer Cemetery* Causeyville       Coordinates not available
Segars Cemetery* Lauderdale   32.54 -88.59 View Map
Semmes Cemetery* Meridian North   32.38 -88.74 View Map
Shamburger Cemetery* Vimville   32.36 -88.50 View Map
Springhill Church Cemetery Kewanee List 32.41 88.44 View Map
Springhill Church Cemetery (Old) Sable List 32.24 88.66 View Map
Stenis Cemetery Meridian North   32.47 -88.75 View Map
Stinson Cemetery* Meridian South List 32.29 -88.70 View Map
Stone Cemetery* Zero       Coordinates not available
Suqualena Cemetery* Collinsville   32.44 -88.83 View Map
Tabernacle Cemetery Vimville   32.37 -88.62 View Map
Tinnin Cemetery* Meridian North   32.48 -88.66 View Map
Toomsuba Cemetery Toomsuba       Coordinates not available
Trussel Cemetery Post   32.55 -88.91 View Map
Tunnel Hill Cemetery Meehan   32.35 -88.83 View Map
West Mount Moriah Cemetery Collinsville   32.40 -88.78 View Map
White Cemetery Toomsuba   32.44 -88.58 View Map
Wilkinson Cemetery Lauderdale       Coordinates not available
Wilson Cemetery Collinsville   32.41 -88.79 View Map

* There is a hard-copy listing of the graves in this cemetery.  Please send a Lookup request to the .  Remember to specify all names in which you are interested and which cemetery to search.

Listing 122 cemeteries in Lauderdale County.  If you have additional cemetery documentation you'd like to have included on this site, or if you have corrections for this list, please contact the .


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