Civil War Orphans

Confederate Orphans Home Facility, Staff and Residents

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Much of the information relating the the residents of the Confederate Orphans Home has been lost to time.  However, the U.S. Census of 1870 provides some insight, if static, of the staffing and residents.  The following information has been recovered from that census.

Dr. Simon S. Granberry was the first superintendent of the school.  He and his family, along with one black servant girl, lived on the property with the home.



Superintendent Dr. Simon Granberry, Family and Servant.
First Name Middle Initial Last Name Age State Born Position/Relationship
Simon S. Granberry 41 Mississippi Superintendent
Elizabeth M. Granberry 35 Mississippi Wife
Henry J. Granberry 15 Mississippi Son
James A. Granberry 14 Mississippi Son
Simeon S. Granberry 11 Mississippi Son
Laura A. Granberry 4 Mississippi Daughter
Delia   Granberry 14 Mississippi Maid (Black)


Since the home was fairly remote, it was the custom for the employees -- facility and staff -- to live on the site.


List of Employees and their Families Resident in 1870.
First Name Middle Initial Last Name Age State Born Position/Relationship
Virginia   Barrett 38 Mississippi Domestic Servant
Nora   Barrett 5 Mississippi Daughter
Theresa   Davis 32 Tennessee Teacher
Nancy   Grantham 30 Not Known Domestic Servant
Mary Grantham 10 Mississippi Daughter
John   Grantham 8 Mississippi Son
James D. Grantham 6 Mississippi Son
Moose   Henson 42 Virginia Laborer
Sallie F. Jones 43 Tennessee Domestic Servant
Melissa Jones 11 Mississippi Daughter
Emma   Jones 9 Mississippi Daughter
Willis Jones 7 Mississippi Son
Joshua   Kellum 10 Mississippi Head
George Kellum 8 Mississippi Son
Martha A. Melton 40 Mississippi Domestic Servant
Robert A. Melton 13 Alabama Son
Carrie   Melton 11 Alabama Daughter
Martin Melton 8 Alabama Son
Susan   O'Brien 54 Mississippi Domestic Servant
Ambrose O'Brien 15 Mississippi Son
William   O'Brien 13 Mississippi Son
George O'Brien 9 Mississippi Son
Adelia   Owen 35 Tennessee Laborer
Lafayette Owen 12 Mississippi Son
Mary   Owen 11 Mississippi Daughter
James Owen 6 Mississippi Son
Christina   Smith 33 Louisiana Domestic Servant
Frank Smith 12 Louisiana Son
Della   Smith 10 Louisiana Daughter
Maggie Smith 8 Louisiana Daughter
Moses J. Thigpen 30 Mississippi Asst. Sup.
Isabella Thigpen 25 Mississippi Wife (?)
Ida B. Thigpen 1 Mississippi Daughter
Mary J. Welch 43 Alabama Teacher
Mary C. Williams 30 Mississippi Teacher
Carrie Williams 11 Mississippi Daughter
Juda   Williams 9 Mississippi Daughter
Elizabeth D. Williams 7 Alabama Daughter
Andrew   Wonham 45 Mississippi Laborer (?)



Listing of the orphans in resident at the school.
First Middle Last Name Age State Born
Etta   Anderson 14 Mississippi
Susan M. Anderson 11 Mississippi
Gates   Anderson 9 Mississippi
Sallie T. Anderson 7 Mississippi
Thomas   Atkins 13 Alabama
Joseph   Atkins 10 Alabama
Mary   Bearden 14 Mississippi
Bettie   Beason 10 Mississippi
Para Sue Beason 8 Mississippi
George   Berry 14 Unknown
Anna   Berry 14 Unknown
Perry   Crosby 12 Mississippi
Matilda   Crosby 10 Mississippi
Job   Curtis 13 Mississippi
William   Curtis 12 Mississippi
Isaac   Curtis 10 Mississippi
Alice   Davis 10 Mississippi
Feston   Davis 8 Mississippi
Nancy   Davis 6 Mississippi
Minnie   Dehan 8 Mississippi
Minnie   Downer 10 Mississippi
John   Downer 8 Mississippi
Mary   Drake 11 Mississippi
Wesley   Drake 10 Mississippi
Henry   Drake 8 Mississippi
John   Dunlap 13 Mississippi
Mary   Dunlap 11 Mississippi
Thomas   Ellis 10 Mississippi
Mattie   Ellis 7 Mississippi
Anna   Fedrich 8 Mississippi
Cynthia   Fisher 12 Mississippi
Fannie   Glasgow 10 Mississippi
Katie   Glasgow 8 Mississippi
John   Goodwyn 11 Alabama
Eunice   Goodwyn 9 Alabama
Thomas   Goodwyn 7 Alabama
Debra   Gosey 7 Mississippi
Martha   Grantham 15 Mississippi
Alice   Grantham 13 Mississippi
Leona   Grantham 10 Mississippi
Viola   Grantham 8 Mississippi
Judson   Green 14 Mississippi
Lafayette   Green 12 Mississippi
Ida   Green 11 Mississippi
John   Green 9 Mississippi
Charles   Green 7 Mississippi
James   Green 5 Mississippi
Ella   Harris 10 Mississippi
Henry   Harris 7 Mississippi
Wayman   Hasty 17 Mississippi
Mary F. Hasty 15 Mississippi
Jane   Hasty 13 Mississippi
Nancy   Hasty 10 Mississippi
Benjamin   Hasty 4 Mississippi
Albert   Henley 11 Mississippi
William   Henley 9 Mississippi
Jersey   Hightower 10 Mississippi
Tiny   Hightower 8 Mississippi
James   Hillyer 11 Alabama
William H. Hogan 15 Tennessee
Mollie L. Hogan 12 Tennessee
Rufus   Howell 16 Mississippi
Maggie   Howell 13 Mississippi
William   Howell 11 Mississippi
Ellen   Hoy 10 Mississippi
Missouri   Hoy 8 Mississippi
Eugenia   Hudson 12 Mississippi
Lizzie   Hudson 11 Mississippi
Josey   Hudson 10 Mississippi
Mary J. Hudson 9 Mississippi
Thomas   Hudson 7 Mississippi
Harvey   Hudson 6 Mississippi
Nancy   Jameson 12 Mississippi
James   Johnson 11 Alabama
Clover   Johnson 9 Alabama
Harper   Johnson 8 Alabama
Lizzie   Jones 9 Mississippi
Jefferson D. Jones 7 Mississippi
Lastley   Jones 12 Mississippi
Jasper   Jones 12 Mississippi
Henry   Jones 10 Mississippi
Andrew   Jones 8 Mississippi
Anna   Jones 8 Mississippi
William   Joyner 12 Alabama
John   Joyner 10 Alabama
Edward   Joyner 8 Alabama
Sarah   Knight 16 Mississippi
Albert   Knight 14 Mississippi
Elizabeth   Knight 11 Mississippi
Henry   Knight 10 Mississippi
James   Knight 4 Mississippi
Sallie   Ladd 10 Mississippi
Nicodemous   Langford 11 Mississippi
Nancy   Lee 12 Mississippi
Joseph   Lee 10 Mississippi
Mary   Lewis 16 Alabama
Kate   Mason 11 Mississippi
Amanda   McDonald 13 Mississippi
Sylva   McGee 15 Mississippi
Addie   McGee 13 Mississippi
Molly   McKenzie 9 Mississippi
Malcolm   Meador 18 Alabama
Daniel   Meador 15 Alabama
Alonzo   Meador 13 Alabama
Dave   Meador 11 Alabama
John   Mixon 13 Mississippi
Henry   Mixon 11 Mississippi
Mary   Mixon 10 Mississippi
Jane   Mixon 8 Mississippi
Semele   Moore 13 Mississippi
James   Moore 12 Mississippi
William   Moore 11 Mississippi
Sidney   Moore 9 Mississippi
Vestula   Morris 12 Mississippi
Thomas   Owen 12 Mississippi
Robert   Owen 10 Mississippi
James   Partridge 10 Mississippi
Rebecca   Pearson 13 Mississippi
Jackie   Pearson 11 Mississippi
J.   Pearson 9 Mississippi
Sallie   Peavy 13 Mississippi
Pattie   Pope 10 Mississippi
Susan   Popham 11 Mississippi
Mary   Porter 14 Mississippi
Riley   Porter 11 Mississippi
Priscilla   Reynolds 11 Mississippi
Jane   Reynolds 9 Mississippi
Mary   Robinson 14 Mississippi
Charles   Roy 12 Mississippi
Mary   Roy 10 Mississippi
Robert   Roy 9 Mississippi
Tucker   Saunders 10 Mississippi
Lee   Saunders 8 Mississippi
Luther   Scott 14 Mississippi
Josie   Scott 12 Mississippi
Theodosia E. Shelly 10 Mississippi
Victoria   Shelly 10 Mississippi
Lovey   Shelly 8 Mississippi
Rosanna   Sherman 12 Mississippi
Arena   Sherman 10 Mississippi
Ann   Sherman 8 Mississippi
Carrie   Simpson 9 Mississippi
George   Smith 11 Mississippi
Geneva   Spellings 14 Mississippi
Nancy   Sumrall 12 Mississippi
James   Sumrall 11 Mississippi
Malcolm   Sumrall 9 Mississippi
Jerry   Swain 12 Mississippi
Dallas   Travis 10 Mississippi
Henry   Walker 8 Mississippi
Orphelia   Ward 8 Mississippi
Mary H. Ward 7 Mississippi
Lucy   Watson 14 Mississippi
Malinda   Weaver 12 Mississippi
Mattie   Weaver 10 Mississippi
Lucretia   White 16 Mississippi
Nancy   White 14 Mississippi
Caroline   White 12 Mississippi
Daniel   White 10 Mississippi
Abraham   White 8 Mississippi
Martha   Williams 15 Alabama
Sarah   Williams 13 Alabama
Nancy   Williams 11 Alabama
Kittie   Williams 11 Alabama
Sallie   Woodruff 8 Mississippi
John   Wooten 12 Mississippi
William   Wooten 10 Mississippi
Elizabeth   Wooten 8 Mississippi



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