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Ethel Leah Darby


Ethel Leah Darby

In this photo of  Ethel Leah Darby, she is posing in front of the Zehler Monument in Meridian. The photo could have been taken between 1908 and 1910. Mrs. Darby lived in Saint Louis, Missouri at the time and is probably visiting Meridian, perhaps for the fair (see banner at left of image -- Mississippi-Alabama State Fair -- partially illegible.)  Her husband Mortimer Harvey and his sister Maude took photographs at fairs in Saint Louis so the fair may be at least a partial reason for the visit. Does anyone have any information as to when the Mississippi Fair advertised might have taken place?  I believe it was an annual event.

With regard to the monument, the "History" page of the Meridian Fire Department website at:  http://www.meridianms.org/firehistory1.htm states:  “Originally standing in the center of 4th Street and 23rd Avenue was a four-sided monument identified by 'Zehler.' This white monument marks the memory of Meridian's first Fire Chief who died in the early 1900s as a direct result of injuries received fighting fires to preserve the safety of Meridian. Zehler now stands in the southeastern part of Highland Park near the bridge crossing Didley Branch. The lions' heads were originally drinking fountains when the monument was located downtown. Water from an artesian well flowed continuously from the mouths of the lions. When farmers came to town in their wagons, this served as a favorite watering spot for humans and livestock alike. As the automobile took the place of horse and buggy, the Zehler became a hindrance for traffic; therefore, it was relocated to Highland Park.”

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