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Lauderdale County Genealogy Web


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Lauderdale County, Mississippi

Lauderdale County was established on 23 December 1833.  Named in honor of COL James Lauderdale, who distinguished himself during the War of 1812, the county was a thriving and prosperous concern until about the beginning of the twentieth century when the population began a modest decline.  Occupying a land area of approximately 715 square miles, the counties history was in agriculture, logging and the railroad industry.  In more recent times, the county has turned to the medical industry and retail sales as the chief employers.

Adjacent Counties

As illustrated, Lauderdale County lies on the eastern boundary of the state of Mississippi, centrally located on the North-South axis. The adjacent counties in Mississippi are Kemper to the North, Neshoba is Northwest, Newton in the West, Jasper is Southwest and Clarke to the South.  In Alabama, Lauderdale County adjoins Sumter in the Northeast and Choctow in the Southeast.  Click on any of the adjacent county names to access the appropriate site for that county.


The latest articles:

Nineteenth Century Marriages
  This comprehensive listing includes all marriages recorded in
  Lauderdale County from its creation up to and including the year
  1900.  If your ancestors aren't here, they didn't get married in
  Lauderdale County.
Cyclone:  The Great Storm of 1906
This article documents the events of March 2, 1906 as the most
  destructive tornado in Mississippi struck the City of Meridian.  In five
  parts, a great deal of detail about the city's history and development
   has been included in the article.
A Haunting Tale
A companion story to the Cyclone of 1906, this brief story explores
  reports of a haunting at the Peavey Melody Music story in downtown
A New Section:  The Constantine Rea Historical Society.
This section Includes a three-part biography of Lauderdale Counties
   Con Rea and a multiple-part history of the 46th Mississippi Infantry
   Regiment along with several other interesting articles.
(31 Mar 08)
Jubal B. Hancock: One of Lauderdale County's First Citizens
(8 Feb 08)
A Question of Honor:  The 1855 Rea - Evans Duel
(7 Feb 08)
Gunfight at the Marion Brickyard
(31 Jan 08)
Marion Confederate Cemetery
(13 Dec 07)
Lauderdale Counties Movers and Shakers:  William Harris Hardy
(30 Sep 07)
James Lauderdale (15 Aug 07)
Creek Where the Rabbit Dances
 (15 Aug 07)
Lauderdale Springs Confederate Cemetery (19 Jul 07)
The Confederate Orphans' Home of Mississippi (19 Jul 07)
A Brief History of Mississippi Leading to the Creation of Lauderdale County (26 Mar 07)



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Lauderdale County



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