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Lauderdale County Resources

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Birth/Death Records
Birth/Death Certificates from Mississippi
Mississippi Department of Health

Birth/Death Certificates from any state or territory
National Center for Health Statistics


Military Service Registrations

World War One Registrants from Lauderdale County
Listed by last name beginning with letter listed below


























World War Two Registrants

Aadams - Bivins

Geer - Harris

Morgan - Platt

Whitehead - Ziller

Black - Byrd

Harrison - Ivy

Pogue - Ryan


Cahn - Cook

Jack - Krowe

Sadka - Smith


Cooley - Dugan

Laciter - Mazingo

Snell - Thurner


Duke - Gay

McAdams - Moran

Tibbetts - White


Mississippi History

A Brief History of Mississippi Leading to the Creation of Lauderdale County

County History

A Short History of Lauderdale County
The Story of James Lauderdale
Creek Where the Rabbit Dances

Lauderdale Springs Confederate Cemetery
Confederate Orphans' Home of Mississippi

Gunfight at the Marion Brickyard
A Question of Honor:  The 1855 Rea - Evans Dual
Jubal B. Hancock:  One of Lauderdale Counties First Citizens


Lauderdale County Cemeteries
Lauderdale Springs Confederate Cemetery
Marion Confederate Cemetery

Educational Institutions

Meridian Public School District - offsite link
Meridian Community College - offsite link


The Meridian Star

Visit the Meridian Star's list of links on this Lauderdale County web site.  You'll find links to Meridian Star video history stories as well as links to history/genealogy articles.  Click Here


Meridian (1920) - at Mississippi Digital Map Archive
Mississippi Digital Map Archive
Mississippi Maps
- at Perry-Castañeda Map Collection
Genealogy Atlas has images of old American atlases


 Land Records

County Land Records:

The office of the Lauderdale County Chancery Court Clerk is a wealth of information for genealogy research.  The Clerk maintains land records beginning in 1837 and probate records starting from 1849.

The Chancery Clerk is tasked under the laws of Mississippi and the official acts of Lauderdale County with a wide variety of duties and functions. The Clerk is the official recorder of the county and, as such, serves as clerk to the Board of Supervisors, the Chancery Court, the County Treasurer and the County Auditor and is responsible for recording the official minutes of the meetings of these county organizations.

As public recorder for the county, the Clerk records military discharges, federal tax liens and certain legal notifications including pending lawsuits.

One of the chief functions of the office is the recording of real property records and the development and maintenance of the various cross-references that facilitate access to these and other records.  The Clerk is responsible for the storage, maintenance, access to and legal disposal of land records and the many other legal documents that falls under the control of the office.

Further, the Clerk of the Chancery Court the Clerk handles records relating, but not limited to, matters of  guardianships, divorces, child custody, adoption, estates, and property disputes.

Contact information for the Lauderdale County Chancery Court Clerk is:

Location:  The Clerk of the Chancery Court
500 Constitution Avenue, 1st Floor
Meridian, MS

Mailing Address:  The Clerk of the Chancery Court of Lauderdale County
Post Office Box 1587
Meridian, MS  39302

Phone: (601) 482-9704.

Email:  ChanceryClerk@LauderdaleCounty.Org

Individual Land Records:

Brooke, Ignatius R. at USGenWeb Archives.

County Marriage Records

The office of the Lauderdale County Clerk of Circuit Court is charged with the responsibility of maintaining certain marriage records (from 1839/1870) and court records beginning in 1856.

The duties of this office are the receiving and filing the many diverse legal documents for the county including all law suits, indictments, motions and other papers in both civil and criminal cases filed before the circuit courts.  The office is also responsible for oversight of the county courts which also conducts criminal and civil trials and juvenile courts confidential records. The clerk issues all process like subpoenas as well as summons as required.  The office also provides the names of perspective  jurors and qualifies juries as required by the court.  Records are kept of all judgments and executions, marriage licenses are issued from this office and records of marriages are maintained for the county.

The Clerk issues marriage licenses and will even, resources permitting,  look up an old one.

Contact information for the Lauderdale County Chancery Court Clerk is:

Location:  The Clerk of the Circuit Court
500 Constitution Avenue, 1st Floor
Meridian, MS

Mailing Address: The Clerk of the Circuit Court of Lauderdale County
Post Office Box 1005
Meridian, Mississippi 39302

Phone:  (601) 482-9731
Fax:  (601) 482-3970

Email:  CircuitClerk@LauderdaleCounty.Org

County Tax Records

Lauderdale County 1835 Tax List
Lauderdale County 1836 Tax List

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