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Lookups are requests for SPECIFIC pieces of information from SPECIFIC sources. These requests are directed to volunteers who have offered to provide this service.

Please be respectful of any person you request to do a lookup. These people are usually involved in their own research, have jobs during the day and are doing this on a voluntary basis. please limit your requests to one or two names.  Provide as much information as possible and be as specific as possible. "Requesting anything on Smith's" will not get a response. Be sure to express your appreciation to the volunteers for the efforts made on your behalf.  For additional guidance, please see Email Rules for Lookups.

Church and Cemetery Books

Bethany Baptist Church History by Jim Dawson, which includes the church cemetery list. Contact:

Coker's Chapel Church History by Jim Dawson, includes membership lists, some marriages, baptisms, register of pastors, etc. Contact:

History of Liberty Baptist Church, Sumter County, Alabama by Jim Dawson. Contact:

Ebenezer Baptist Church Minutes by Jim Dawson. Contact:

Census Records

1870 Census Contact:

1880 Census Index -- heads of household only. Contact:

1885 School Census, an enumeration of educable children. This book lists the child's name, age, race, ward, or beat, and guardian or parent's name. Contact:

Tax Records

1878 Land Roll Tax Book. Contact:

History Books

The First Hundred Years of the Pine Springs Community of Lauderdale County Mississippi. Contact:

Golden Era Homes of Meridian by Jim Dawson. Contact:

History of Whynot --Volumes I and II by James (Jim) Dawson. Contact:

History of Whynot Consolidated High School 1916-1962 by Jim Dawson. Contact:

Merchants, Tradesmen, and Manufacturers Financial Condition for Meridian, Mississippi 1921 -- information obtained from the January, 1921 R.G. Dun
Mercantile Agency Reference Book. Published by Jan and Naomi McPeek, September 2003. Contact:

Jews in Early Mississippi by Leo and Evelyn Turitz. This book is packed with photos and names of early Jewish families who settled in Mississippi. There's a chapter on Meridian families, as well as many other Mississippi towns including Jackson, Vicksburg, Greenville, Canton, Macon, Starkville, and many more. Rabbi Turitz lived in Meridian during the 1970s, where he served the Congregation Beth Israel. Contact:

Marriage Records

Lauderdale County Marriage Record Books -- 1-A and A-1. Contact:

Family History Books

Descendants of Joseph Culpepper. Contact:

Descendants of T.H. Goodwyn by Levin Culpepper. Contact:

Hendersons of Early Mississippi by Robert Henderson -- a compilation of Mississippi



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