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Constantine Rea


Named in honor of one of Lauderdale County's bravest and most popular early citizens, the Constantine Rea Historical Society does not limit itself to the history and genealogy of a single individual. The Society's interests are many and diverse, including an important era in American History, the War for Southern Independence, the history of East Mississippi leading to and throughout the conflict, and the activities of the 46th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. A unit (Company F) of the 46th Mississippi was raised in Lauderdale County and

Constatantine Rea
Early photo of Con Rea

commanded by the Societies namesake, Constantine Rea. The history of this unit and the genealogies of its members is one of the organization's chief interests. The Society is named for Rea because of his unique connection to the county.

A Mississippi non-profit corporation, the Constantine Rea Historical Society focuses its efforts on the education of its membership and others of similar background and interests to the historical facts surrounding the war and the southern heritage of honor, pride and courage.

Unlike similar activist organizations, the society is not politically active but limits its activities to the study of history, genealogy and the legacy of the war. The family oriented Society is open for membership to all. However, full membership is restricted to those individuals with a verifiable confederate ancestry. An associate membership is available to others. All membership applicants must

CSA Magnolia Flag
The Mississippi Magnolia flag has been adopted as the Society's banner.

 submit a completed application form to the organization for action before being accepted as members. There are different levels of privilege and annual dues depending on the type, Full or Associate, of membership approved by the Society's board.

The Society meets monthly in Lauderdale county for a light supper and an informative program. The Society newsletter "The Lauderdale Republican" is published monthly.

An ongoing project of the Society is the placement of markers on the unmarked graves of confederate soldiers. Several members of the Society research grave sites of soldiers and assist in obtaining, from the U. S. Government Veteran Administration, stones to mark these formerly unmarked graves. When the grave site or place of burial is unknown, memorial stones marked, "In Memory of..." can be obtained. Any memorial stone that the Society assists in obtaining must be place in a recognized cemetery.

The project is extended to all confederate soldiers and is not restricted to those whose ancestors are members of the Society. Assistance in obtaining and placing the headstones is accomplished through "The Lauderdale Rifles," Company F, 46th Mississippi Infantry Regiment, an

Constantine Rea Memorial Marker

unrelated non-profit corporation.

An application form for membership in the Society may be obtained by contacting the Society's representative, Ward Calhoun at (601) 681-8681 or writing:

The Constantine Rea Historical Society
6045 Windsor Road
Meridian, MS 39305.

The Constantine Rea Historical Society is focused specifically on the members on the 46th Mississippi Infantry Regiment and does not pursue general genealogy.

Please contact the Society for information concerning the content of this page. To forward comments or suggestion related to the format of this page, please contact the Webmaster.

This article was developed with the research assistance of Mr. Ward Calhoun and The Constantine Rea Historical Society.


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