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Information About the Regiment and Company Rosters of the 46th Mississippi Infantry Regiment


The Regiment and Company roster information published on this web site has been obtained from the National Archives records collections and reconciled with various other resources that may provide similar information. However, the listings, nevertheless, represent only a snap-shot of the companies at a specific instance in time.

Although some tracking was obviously done, accounting for the "Rank In"/"Rank Out" information on the listings, no effort has been made to determine which of the service members listed in the rosters were kill in action, wounded, or otherwise deceased from non-combat injuries or disease.

Further, biographical information about many of the company commanders is likewise not available.

Readers are welcome and encouraged to forward to the webmaster, any information that you may have regarding your own ancestors and their service in one of the units covered. You may be sure that you information will be examined and posted in a timely manner.

If you have information you'd like to have added please contact the Webmaster









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