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The Causalties at Marion CSA Hospital

A Lauderdale County Web Exclusive by Bill White


The information listed below was extracted from the National Archives, War Department Collection of Confederate Records.  This is a list of soldiers who died during their treatment at the Marion  Confederate Hospital.  It is not a complete list of the deceased nor is it a definitive list of soldiers who are buried in or near the Marion Cemetery.

Nevertheless, the list may be helpful to those knowing the names and units of the ancestors that they are seeking.


Casualties Treated at Marion, Mississippi CSA Field Hospital
Rank First Middle Last Unit Date of Death
Thomas F. Alexander Company I, 60th North Carolina August 20, 1863
E. J. Anderson Company H, 37th Alabama October 30, 1862
W. R. Banes Company D, 31st Alabama July 2, 1863
William R. Baskins Company C, 1st Arkansas 1863
Thomas Bell Company G, 19th Louisiana 1863
John T. Brantley Company B, 40th Mississippi October 28, 1862
Samuel Brice Company D, South Carolina August 1, 1863
Robert C. Brooks Company C, 46th Georgia August 2, 1863
Sgt C. M. Brown Company G, 25th Louisiana September 7, 1863
John H. Brunson Company B, 25th Alabama July 15, 1862
Copal P. Burnett Company G, 3rd Florida October 5, 1863
S. J. Bynum Company A, 14th Mississippi April 15, 1863
Corp. Andrew Chitwood Company I, 2nd Arkansas November 9, 1863
J. W. Clayton Company D, 25th Alabama December 20, 1862
J. S. Cook Company C, 40th Mississippi October 24, 1862
Nataniel C. Cowart Company K, 47th Georgia August 20, 1863
L. Cox Company E, 20th Arkansas February 26, 1863
William W. Daniel Company C, 37th Alabama October 25, 1862
L. W. Draughon Company F, 16th Louisiana August 10, 1863
E. Driggers Company K, 47th Georgia August 3, 1863
William B. Ellison Company H, 37th Alabama October 20, 1862
D. P. Forbiss Company I, 20th Arkansas October 1, 1862
George W. Glasscock Company C, 31st Alabama May 18, 1863
Thomas Gray Company B, 30th Alabama July 1863
B. E Haygoo Company A, 26th Mississippi August 19, 1863
Sgt. W. K. Hudson Company E, 31st Alabama June 10, 1863
George M. Huntsman Company I, 5th Missouri October 12, 1862
George Hurst Company B, 18th Arkansas December 11, 1862
William Jones Company F, 27th Louisiana February 13, 1864
M. R. Ladd Company K, 9th Young’s Texas July 1, 1863
John H. Lightsey Company I, 4th Georgia September 10, 1863
Hugh Malone Company H, 62nd Tennessee Infantry July 1, 1863
H. C. Maracle Company D, 23rd Mississippi January 8, 1863
F. M. McClure Company A, 41st Tennessee August 21, 1863
J. L. Miller Company D, 15 North West Arkansas 1863
William T. Moore Company D, 19th Alabama August 21, 1863
Isaac F. Pruitt Company B, 3rd Texas Calvary October 23, 1862
Thomas J. Ratcliff Company C, 29th North Carolina November 1863
D. F. Smith Company E, 40th Mississippi July 30, 1862
Sgt. W. W. Spikes Company D, 3rd Arkansas Calvary December 10, 1862
Erasmus J. Stringfellow Company I, 20th Alabama July 3, 1863
C. G. Turley Company A, 41st Tennessee November 13, 1862
James B. Watts Company F, 3rd Missouri November 13, 1862
Richard F. Way Company D, 4th Kentucky Infantry October 1, 1863
N. Alex Wells Company K, 3rd Mississippi Infantry June 29, 1862
Charles Willis Company B, 3rd Texas Calvary June 15, 1862
John A. Wood Company F, 19th Dockery’s Arkansas April 4, 1863


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