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Special Cousins


Posting Your Photographs

If you would like to post some of those special photographs of your Lauderdale County ancestors to the "Special Cousins" section of the Lauderdale County Web web site, it would be a pleasure to publish them for you.

The purpose of publishing your photos might be to assist researchers from other localities who may be working a family tree that could be linked to your own or, perhaps, just sharing those photographs with others around the country.  In the past, visitors who have discovered a link to Lauderdale County in their research, have found familiar photos on the "Special Cousins" pages and have been able to share information with those who have published them.

Occasionally a few unknown photos are published as well, but usually only when the "back pages" (the page that appears when a visitor clicks on the "More Info" link displayed under the photo) can provide useful information that might assist in the identification process.

It's important to be careful in selection the photos you'd like to publish.  It is not considered appropriate to publish photo of living persons without their specific, expressed (written) permission.  Further, if your photo has a copyright mark on it, it may still be published but only with the copyright mark left in place.

The main goal is to focus on photos of known individuals who may have lived in the area and might be recognized by Lauderdale County Web visitors.  With unknowns, its probably best to select photos of those whom are suspected of having some link to the county. Whether the photo is of a person who actually lived in Lauderdale County isn't as important as the possibility that someone now living there or researching family from there might recognize the individual in the photo.

Please contact the Webmaster before sending your scanned images for posting.  When you scan your photos, you should know that the ideal size for the larger images (the back page image) is about 300 x 425 pixels. A little larger or smaller is okay as well, some adjustments can be made. However, it's difficult to resize photos that are too large or small since some of the clarity and detail preserved in the photo is lost in the sizing process. The Webmaster will reduce the larger photos to display on the main "Special Cousins" page and publish the larger image, along with the information about the person that you provide, on the back page.

If you don't have any control over the size of the scanned image (some software only scans one size), the Webmaster will work with what you can send. Please be sure that the image can be  associated with the correct information for that photo.  If you must send multiple photos in a single email, it's probably best to use a descriptive file name, like "WilliamHBrown.jpg" with each image and in the information provided for that individual make sure to include the name in the text (e.g., William H. Brown was born on September 6, 1901...)

The Lauderdale County Web web site is also very interested in older photos that depict historic scenes of Meridian and Lauderdale County.  These can be posted in articles and stories associated county history.  In this case, even current color photos of objects -- monuments, geographical features, buildings -- are useful.

The family images (photographs) will continue to be your property and, if at some point in the future, you decide you'd like to have them removed from the site, just send the Webmaster a note to that effect. You are just giving the Lauderdale County Web web site permission to publish them until you decide otherwise.

As you may know, visitors to our web site who are searching for their ancestors frequently search the site looking for specific family names.  The site search engine will assist them in locating the photos that match the search criteria.  If  a person searches for "William H. Brown" and the site search engine locates that name on the web site, it will display a link to the photo.  It's also useful to know that all of the major search engines, like Google, Yahoo and others, frequently crawl the site and index the data that is found there.  In this way, the names published with your photographs will show up in a Google (or Yahoo, etc.) search.

If you would like to know about any inquiries regarding the photos you post, please let the Webmaster know in your response and they will be forwarded to you (without disclosing any information about you or the photo you've posted) and you can decide if you'd like to reply directly to the visitor.  Your email address will not be posted on the site unless you specifically request it.

It usually takes a few days or a week for the Webmaster to get the photos ready to publish. When they are online, before they are made available to the general public, the Webmaster will send you a list of links that point directly to the back pages (large photo) and text.  This will be your opportunity to review these pages to make sure that Uncle Bill's photo hasn't been identified as Aunt Tillie and to review the information on the back page for that photo.  If you'd like to make any changes in the text, this would be the best time to do it.

If you're ready to begin the process of having your photos posted, please contact the


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