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1925 Picnic


From right to left standing in the back row is Lee Richardson, Lessie Richardson Hobgood, William Anderson Barker (in the hat). Barely seen behind him is Annie Richardson Vinson and the woman with the hat is Minnie Woods. The face behind and to the left of Minnie is Allie Vinson Ranier. The shorter woman looking to the side is Lou Delia Vinson Barker and the man barely visible behind her is J. Leslie Dennis. The dark haired woman to the left of LouDelia is Ada Vinson Grice and to her left is her husband, Harwood Grice. The face looking over his shoulder, barely seen, is Blannie Vinson Dennis. The man whose hat can only be seen is Ryan Faulk. The larger man facing slightly left is Walter Vinson with his arm around Sara Barker. Peeking over Sara's shoulder is Nellie Barker Bruce with her son Bill in the darker part of the picture being held by his father. Kate Barker is wearing something with straps.

The dark haired woman, sort of in the middle of the two rows is Willie Faulk, wife of Ryan.

The front row right to left is Sara Dennis, Katherine Ranier, Lillian Dennis, Becky Barker, James Faulk, son of Ryan and Willie and James's grandmother, Ella Barker Faulk Gould, and last is Charlie Ranier.

There are 27 people in this photograph who are all related in some way.



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