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Sara Belle Barker


Sara Belle Barker was the daughter of Lawrence W. Barker and Anna Jane Rea Barker. She was born in Meridian 4 August 1906 and died in Citrus Heights, California in 1991.

At age 21 in 1927 Sara married the first time to Willis Elmer Shepard. He was an assistant city clerk and Treasurer for Meridian. He passed away in 1937. Soon thereafter Sara married Homer McGill Gregory in Enterprise Ms, the ceremony being conducted by Reverend T. L. Stennis. This marriage ended in divorce and Sara relocated to California. She met Richard Findel Eales and they married in Reno, Nevada in 1945. The Eales remained in the Sacramento area of California the rest of their lives.

The collection of photographs posted on this site are in existence because Sara collected and maintained them along with other family documents and passed them on to her niece, Carole Barker.



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