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William Anderson Barker


Pictured above is William Anderson Barker, the son of Lawrence L. and Martha White Barker. He was born 18 Jul 1853 along with a twin sister, Leah, in Kemper County Mississippi. He later relocated to Meridian, Mississippi with his grandparents where he and his siblings were raised. At one time, he was a farmer and later became a retail grocer. He was a founding member of the Poplar Springs Methodist Church. His first wife was Kate Belle Vinson who died in 1885. After her death he married her sister, Lou Delia Vinson, who is pictured (seated) in this photo. Standing behind them (it is believed) are her sisters who are, from left to right, Callie Donia Vinson (married Marion Lee Richardson), Nell Vinson, and Bunnie Vinson (who married Ransom S. Richardson.) William Anderson Barker died 14 February 1934 in Meridian, Mississippi.

The parents of the Vinson sisters were William M. Vinson and Nancy Dean.



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