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Why Should You Volunteer?

There are literally dozens of reasons to volunteer your spare time.  Here are my top ten:
1.  Have fun
2.  Feel good about yourself
3.  Make a friend
4.  Gain a better understanding of people
5.  Forget your own troubles
6.  Give back to community
7.  Learn about motivating others
8.  Improve communication skills
9.  Voice your opinion
10. Get involved

The Lauderdale County web site always needs good volunteers.

If you have access to special materials and are willing to "look-up" requests from visitors who are searching for their ancestors, you can help.

If you own a subscription to Ancestory.Com, Genealogy.Com or any other online collections of genealogy information, you can help.

If you can visit local Lauderdale County places of interest and take photographs or collect information, you can help.

If you like to write (or are willing to write :-) about historic places or events.  You can help.  And, don't worry about grammar or spelling, we've got the best editor available to work with you and make sure your writing does you credit.

If you know something about web development, html, graphics or any combination of web related skills, you can help.

The Lauderdale County web site is committed to getting as many family genealogies as possible online, so if you have photos or genealogy information about your own family that you'd like to have published, you can help.

If you can think of something genealogy or web related that hasn't been mentioned here, there's a good chance that you can help.

If you have an ideal, proposal or would just like discuss the possibilities further, you are encouraged to contact the by email.  You'll find him very helpful himself, and he'll really enjoy hearing from you.


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