Lauderdale County Collage

What's New!


Well... everything.  Okay, not really.  Even though the entire website has had a format change, we've been able to save all of the content from the previous format as well as making a number of improvements but, first, let's talk about the new format.

The new Lauderdale County MSGHN website format uses a tabbed page.  When you are on one of the main website pages, a tab will appear at the top of the page to confirm for you that you're in the right place.  All of the tab links will continue to appear regardless of the page that you're currently on but the white tab background will only appear for the current page.

If you're on a two-column page, you'll find a handy menu in the left column.  This menu contains links to articles in the current section -- pages closely related to the content you are presently viewing.  Repeated there as well, are some main link jumps back to the major index sections of the website.  This is, basically, the same site menu that you've used before and with which you may already be comfortable, to guide you around the website.  The only change here is that the links will behave a little differently when pointed to or clicked on.  You won't have any trouble there.

Occasionally, at the bottom of the content column, you'll find some content specific links to help you further in navigating the website.  These "content specific" links are used frequently to assist you in moving forward across multiple part articles.  We hope these will facilitate your access to the website and reduce the number of "clicks" required to navigate.

Of course, in the main content section of the page you'll find the information about the county that you're already familiar with and, on other pages, this section will contain the main content for that particular page (as we have noted above.)

All in all, the new format should be quite intuitive to use and, we hope, will help you navigate the website and obtain the information you need more efficiently.

Of course I just couldn't rest without adding some new content as well.  You'll find these new articles and listings for you to peruse at your leasure:

Added more than 12,000 names of registrants for the First World War.

Added a new article for those interested in the War Between the States:  Military Organizations and Installations of the Civil War.

Added all Nineteenth Century Lauderdale County Marriages.

And that's not to mention many new one page stories on various topics.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the new format or the content, please feel free to contact the webmaster:  LauderdaleWebmaster@GMail.Com.

Thank you for visiting our website.  We hope the new format will meet with your approval.  We, here on the Lauderdale County MSGHN Web Development Team, certainly like it and we are sure that it will streamline the publishing process and allow us to provide more genealogy and history information to you more frequently and much faster.